About us

Who We Are

Mission Jagriti came into existence in the year 2007 as the brain child of Parvesh Malik. 11th October 2007 is special date when few friends walked with him on the path social reformation and they founded Mission Jagriti NGO.

The Mission Jagriti is a registered Non-Government Organization. Over the last 10-year Mission Jagriti has created niche for itself through its extensive work in the social and welfare responsibility area. It has been helping the people aa well as society to engage value.

Our Area at Work

Mission Jagriti is focused primarily on 5 sector which include Education, Health, Environment, Livelihood and Woman, Child and Old age care. Now we have reached almost every district of Haryana State and soon we are covering nine State of India. We have around 1000 volunteers.


The mission of Mission Jagriti NGO is to alleviate the suffering individuals and families in the poorest communication through sustainable grass root initiatives armed at local empowerment, access to health service and education opportunities in the effort of fulfill basic human rights embracing a spirit of compassion and service to all humanity.


We want social influencing and positive change in the life of people living on the margins of the society. We work on total growth and equality. We the team mission Jagriti believes that it is a continuous struggle to create a safe, sound, alert society with sustainable values of human beings.

Our Thought

We know that no development will take place unless the people at grass roots are uplifted. And it can only be achieved when each and every citizen get equal rights and has sense of responsibility towards society/Nation. Since our nation is on the path of development and to provide momentum by educating the citizens particularly at grassroots level which will enable everyone to express himself and can raise their voice without having fear in their heart. We want to bring the transparency at each and every person will be aware of about their rights, duties and social responsibilities towards their nation.

Founder Message (PARVESH MALIK)

Once my grandfather Ch. Balbeer Singh said that if devotion and power is utilized in a positive way then everything can be achieved. By making this statement as my inspiration I also decided to use devotion and power in a positive way whether it will be among parents’ nation or humanity. 

I took the blessings of my parents kept the nation in mind and considered humanity as supreme and formed MISSION JAGRITI a social organization whose purpose is to work for humanity. Under these work not only backward classes are uplifted but upper classes are also made more sensitive towards society. 

I have taken responsibility to awaken every soul of society which is asleep because of illiteracy and subconsciousness. There is saying that I started alone but as time passed people met and joined, like this only people connected to this organization and now we have quite big family of mission jagriti. People from different part of our country are connected to this organization and engaged in different social works. 

By watching my team doing such a great work I can certainly say that ‘Mission Jagriti is on the path of achieving its goal by erasing illiteracy from the depth and because of this our glorified India will become more advance.

Contribute on my charity work by your donation. Thanks for your heart.
Mission Jagriti