PATHSHALA , as per definition, was an open air institution having no paraphernalia like permanent structures, furniture and staff. A pathshala carried no name. It was usually known to people by the name of the guru who ran it. The pupils sat on the ground.

Mission Jagriti has launched  our own PATHSHALA is an effort to educate underprivileged kids value of healthy living, moral values and motivate them to be good citizens.


At PATHSHALA we have special guests once a week on sundays around 9 am, who educate kids about wearing masks, respecting parents and elders, eating healthy food, keeping the place where they live clean, general cleanliness.

Everyday volunteers take classes from 5pm to 7 pm in the evening for the underprivileged kids.

We are always open for volunteering. Contact us for more information.


Mission Jagriti