Our Strength

Mission Jagriti comprises of a team of young dedicated social activists / Professionals who have the zeal and passion for working for nation.

  • Education is basic need to lead a honorable life in the society. Lack of education cause indiscipline in life and restrict all around development of human kind and cause infection in the society. In the process to make the most deprived member of the society by various mode to make them to understand their role in the society and the respect they deserve in the society, in addition to the right they enjoy: which in turn helps to eradicate poverty and make the society healthy.
  • Deprived class being imparted education
  • Garbage picker
  • Beggers
  • Orphan child
  • Victim of child abuse
  • Car cleaner
  • It is the endeavors to make them self-reliant and to lead a respectable life. The organization is imparting education by adopting activities based programme.
Contribute on my charity work by your donation. Thanks for your heart.
Mission Jagriti